Discover entrepreneurship and innovation at UQ

Entrepreneurship and innovation is simply about taking an idea and bringing it to life to create value. 

Whether you want to develop a new product or technology, tackle a social problem or drive business growth, UQ can help you create change.

UQ entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem

Bring your ideas to life

From helping students develop problem-solving skills and implement their ideas, to supporting startups and bringing new technologies to market — we offer support at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

Bring your ideas to life

Find out how to take your idea to the prototype stage. UQ Idea Hub is a hands-on program that gives budding entrepreneurs the skills to create a start-up, along with a secure co-working space and access to advice from our Entrepreneur in Residence.
UQ ilab is one of Australia's leading startup programs. We provide a supportive environment for entrepreneurs by mentoring them through the early stage of business development and providing seed funding to scale their business.
Alongside your classroom learning, you can build practical experience through internships with startups, volunteering with non-profits, international programs, mentoring and networking events. UQ offers a wide range of programs and courses to develop the skills you need.
UQ research has resulted in many important advances. From developing a new cervical cancer vaccine, creating drought-resistant shrubs and 'green' biofuels to discovering new disease, we continue to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Upcoming Events

UQ hosts a range of events for students, alumni, industry and the community.