Entrepreneurship Strategy Consultation

Building on aspirations and objectives outlined in the current UQ Strategic Plan and Student Strategy, a new Entrepreneurship strategy is being developed.

This strategy seeks to increase the range of entrepreneurial activity across the University, enabling more students, staff and partners to deepen their skills, be enterprising thinkers, and leaders and take ideas to impact.

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1. Consultation paper

In preparation for discussions with the UQ community, a consultation paper has been released, which provides an overview of key drivers for the strategy, and details of current opportunities across the UQ Entrepreneurship eco-system. The discussion paper also asks key questions to inform discussion and invite feedback.

There are four key focus areas outlined in the discussion paper, drawn from research and consultation with members of the UQ community. While these focus areas, and their key questions are designed to stimulate discussion, new ideas are welcomed. The four focus areas outlined in the discussion paper are as follows:

  1. Inspire a culture of entrepreneurship across UQ
  2. Infuse formal entrepreneurial teaching and learning opportunities across UQ
  3. Empower UQ entrepreneurs to take ideas to impact
  4. Build connections and collaboration with external partners

Download the discussion paper

Get involved

If you are a UQ staff member already involved in, or interested in becoming involved in entrepreneurship activities and were unable to attend a consultation forum, please notify Kylie Cooper, Senior Manager (Entrepreneurship & Innovation) by email at entrepreneurship@uq.edu.au