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We offer support at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey. At UQ, you are among the world’s best researchers and brightest minds. You’re also part of a global community - from our resident entrepreneurs, mentors and startups to our network of international alumni and partnerships with businesses, universities and tech hubs worldwide.

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We believe the best ideas start with you. UQ Idea Hub is a hands-on program that gives budding entrepreneurs the skills and knowledge to create a startup, along with a secure co-working space and access to advice from our Entrepreneur in Residence. 

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Once you have developed your idea, you need to ensure there is a market for it. UQ Business School's Startup Academy helps entrepreneurs increase their chance of success by testing the market to validate their ideas and finding the right business model.

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UQ ilab can help you to turn your early-stage business into an investment-ready company with a validated market, early-stage product and initial income. You can also benefit from feedback from our Entrepreneur in Residence and other industry professionals.

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Whether you want to start a business or create change, UQ offers a range of programs and courses to develop the skills you need. Alongside your classroom learning, you can build practical experiences, and work alongside world-leading researchers in innovation and entrepreneurship.