ilab UQ is hosting a startup and student mixer event on Tuesday 23rd of October at 6:00pm in conjunction with UQ's Bloom Festival. A festival of light, bringing ideas to life. Startups pitch to students for 2mins on their startup and summer intern roles. Students have an opportunity to mix with the startups, submit resumes to the startups on the night and startups then decide who they want to recruit as an interns for the summer. We don't presume to know the best candidates for your startups so we provide the opportunity for you to mix with students face-to-face. Over the winter vacation we had 30 startups host UQ students and it has been a program that has grown over the last two years since ilab moved into UQ.

The UQ Summer Startup Intern Program not only offers students a new world of work experience but it may also inspire them to build their own business or social enterprise idea into a startup.


The University of Queensland, St Lucia
UQ Lakes (near bus stops), on the green