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UniQuest helps UQ researchers protect and commercialise their research. It has created more than 80 spin-out companies and is Australia’s leading university commercialising body, with a significant licensing portfolio which includes the Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine.

Since it began in 1984, UniQuest has licensed UQ technologies that have earned $US15.5 billion in gross product sales. Over the past 15 years, UniQuest has returned more than $435 million in revenue to The University of Queensland, much of which has been channelled back into research and intellectual property protection.

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UniQuest Success Stories

When the research of Professor Ian Frazer and the late Dr Jian Zhou at The University of Queensland (UQ) led to a vaccine for the virus that causes 70 percent of all cervical cancer cases, they knew their work was going to be transformative. Since its release 10 years ago, the Gardasil® vaccine, which is designed to protect both women and men against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), has led to a 90 percent reduction in HPV infection rates in countries with high levels of immunisation.
Developed by Professor Matt Sanders and a team of researchers at the The University of Queensland’s Parenting and Family Support Centre (PFSC), the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is a system of parenting support that can be tailored to fit different families’ needs.
With the help of UniQuest, Dendright negotiated and closed a research collaboration deal with Janssen Biotech, Inc. in 2012. In 2013, Janssen Biotech, Inc entered into a larger R&D collaboration with Dendright which included an option to license agreement for the rheumatoid arthritis immunotherapy.

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