The purpose of the event is to hear from inspirational founders and investors on how they got their idea off the ground and navigated early stages, building a team, getting customers and investment.

The event will be held under the jacarandas in the green space behind the UQ bus stops (UQ Lakes) - and between the lake with the fountain. The ilab building will serve as the backup depending on the weather.

The Bloom festival will light up the jacarandas as the sun sets and the social enterprise event will form part of a series of UQ events held during the week which bring ideas to life.

The panel will be made up of:

- Emma-Kate Rose - Founder of Food Connect and Chair of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council

- Peter Ball - Founder and Managing Director of Impact Academy and Greater Outcomes

- Juliette Wright - Founder/CEO Givit

- Sabrina Chakori - Founder of Brisbane Tool Library

- Michael Mersiades - Founder of Chat Loop

This will be a free event.


The University of Queensland - St Lucia
UQ Lakes (near bus stops), on the green